Welcome to Kristi's Korner!

This page is for my first child, Kristi!

That's me on the left, holding little Kristi :).
Kristi and the proud mommy!

She was born February 25, 1999...

A pure blessing for my husband Mark and me...

But first, let me tell you more about my pregnancy...

The Beginning

I found out I was pregnant last July.  This came as a surprise to me because I had been told a short time earlier that it would be difficult for me to have children.


Because I had just found out that I had a double (also sometimes called a heart shaped) uterus.  That means that instead of the normal one uterus, mine was almost completely divided into two separate uteruses.  This makes it difficult for the miracle of life to ignite.  The funny thing was that I was told that "it would be very difficult, but not impossible" for me to have children.

As usual, I prove the doctors to the contrary ;) (to find out what I mean by this, please visit my Born to be Cleft page).  Only a couple weeks later I got pregnant! :)

But when I found out that I was, it was already 8 weeks into the pregnancy.   Both Mark and I suspected it, but didn't know for sure until I was out shopping with my mom and sister and we picked up a pregnancy test.

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