The Beginning

I found out I was pregnant in July '98.  This came as a surprise to me because I had been told a few weeks earlier that it would be difficult, but not impossible, for me to have children.


Because I had just found out that I had a double (also sometimes called a heart shaped) uterus.  That means that instead of the normal one uterus, mine was almost completely divided into two separate uteruses.  This makes it difficult for the miracle of life to ignite. 

As usual, I prove the doctors to the contrary ;) (to find out what I mean by this, please visit my Born to be Cleft site).  Shortly later I was pregnant! :)

But when I found out that I was, it was already 8 weeks into the pregnancy.   Both Mark and I suspected it, but didn't know for sure until I was out shopping with my mom and sister and we picked up a pregnancy test.

Needless to say, we were all excited!   My mom was going to be a grandmother for the first time.  And my sister was going to be a first time aunt.

I tried to call Mark but wasn't able to get through.  So I called my aunt and uncle in New Jersey.  Then my cousin, who shrieked with excitement.  I think I also called my dad, grandmas, and somewhere in there I was able to get through to Mark.

The Doctor Visit

Mark and I soon looked up a local OB/GYN and made an appointment.  We were greeted by a nice receptionist on the other line.  We asked about a pregnancy test done at the doctor 's, but after we told her that we had a home pregnancy test done (e.p.t.), she said that a test by the doctor wouldn't be necessary since the home test are pretty accurate. 

We arrived at the doctor's all excited about the though of bringing someone else into the world.  The doctor brought us into her office and we explained about the way my uterus was (still is).  She had to look up the information in one of her medical books there in the office since she admitted that it's not very often that a patient of hers has this condition.

She also went through and asked us about our family's health history.  Any cases of cancer? heart conditions? Blood? There wasn't much on Mark's side that was known, but more on mine.  First concern was the obvious: my cleft lip and cleft palate (see Born to be Cleft to read my story about that).  She prescribed folic acid for me to take during the pregnancy (not at all a surprise to me) to reduce the chances of having a child cleft.

Out First Glimpse

After talking with the doctor, we went to have an ultrasound done on me.   Since our little girl (as we later found out) was only eight weeks old, it was difficult to see her.  Anyone who has seen ultrasounds knows what I'm talking about! :).  But the doctor pointed her out and we could make out her head and bottom.   The doctor could also see a little blipping dot which was the heart.  That was important, since the heart beat was a good sign that, as of right now, there was a chance to have a normal pregnancy.

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