About Chaplin Fans Unite

This page will, I hope, let you know more about the history of the site and how I run it...


I began this site back in 1996 on Angelfire.  I came up with the title of the site which paraphrased the final speech in "The Great Dictator" ("Soldiers of the world, unite!"). Originally it was just one page, containing some basic bio info, international names that Chaplin has been given, plus a couple other little things that were added that I don't remember right now :).   I think that I had a message board during that time.  And through some miracle I got listed on Yahoo :) (Anyone who has tried submitting sites to them knows that it's far from easy!!)

Then in late May 1997 Angelfire had a major crash and lost a majority of the pages on their server.  Because I had been using their editor and did not keep backups, I lost my site and so had to start over.  So I decided to go here at Tripod and built the site back up after a couple months, this time using Front Page Express and uploading the pages.  During the second incarnation I added a list of all his movies, several documentaries, reviews of music CDs, and reviews of several books.   I also started a Charlie Chaplin Web Ring to help connect Chaplin sites together.

The present version of CFU was officially opened June 30, 1998.  Wanting a newer look to the site and also better navigation, I worked on getting a side panel done rather than having to scroll down the page to look at the different pages.  I also added a "How I became a Fan" page where fans can submit their stories on what got them interested.  I also eventually added back a forum but had to use a different service since the service I used was no longer running.

Purpose of this site

This site is to help new and old Chaplin fans to get information about what's out there. I have put together info that other sites didn't cover (at the time anyway).

So where are the pictures?

One popular thing people search for are pictures of Chaplin.   And ever since I made this site I haven't put pics on here.  And people wonder why and I have one very good reason:

I don't want to be sued :).

One growing problem on the web is copyright infringement.   That means using someone else's material without permission.  And with photos of celebrities, people's websites have been shut down even when they are very supportive of whoever their site is about.  But lawyers aren't so forgiving.  One poor guy ran a few excellent classic film websites (I used to belong to his webring... see the Classic Films & Animation webring on my classic movies webrings page) was sued $8 million for using pictures from books that he had.

Since then I have asked the official source about using pictures and they said that as long as I give the copyright info on the site, it will be ok.  Now I just have to have the time to scan the pictures.


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