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Welcome to the Charlie Chaplin Web Ring!

If you run a Chaplin website/page and agree to follow the rules, you are welcome to join. 


  • You MUST have a web site or web page
  • Your site/page must have something to do with Chaplin.   It can be just a personal homepage or a site solely dedicated to him, but he must be talked about somewhere on your site/page
  • No porn or hate allowed
  • Don't copy someone else's web site/page, that includes text and images, without permission.
  • You MUST add the webring fragment to your site in order to be added to the webring!!  You have four weeks to add it before being removed from the queue.
  • When you put the webring fragment on your site/page, it's links must *all* be correct and *both* images there.

Webring Contents:

Be sure to read the rules first!!

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Here is the complete of sites that have been added to the ring

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Pretty self explanatory

Also self explanatory

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