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Ever since I first started this website back in 1996, I've been asked various questions about where people can buy Chaplin's films, music, midis, memorabilia, etc., and so I'll try to answer them all here.

Below I listed places where I've found stuff at and if anyone knows other places, email me :)

Find Memorabilia?

Looking for posters?  Or an original copy of his autobiography?  Or some unusual Chaplin item?  Then be sure to check out eBay, the web's largest online auction.

Find Music?


To look at their list click here

Listen to his music over the internet?

At Broadcast.com's site, they have "Oh! That Cello!" that you can download to your RealPlayer for free.  Click here to listen to it.  If the page has moved, just do a search for "Chaplin".

Watch his films over the internet?

Yes, believe it or not, there are a couple places (that I know of anyway), that you can watch a whole film...the Mutual shorts anyway.  The faster your computer and internet connection is, the more  you can enjoy them :)

AFI Online Cinema -- The first site to show a whole Chaplin film was at AFI's (American Film Institute) Online Cinema site.  Although right now they are reconstructing and not showing films, you can still see info on THE RINK.  Along with Chaplin, they also have a few others, such as Buster Keaton's THE BOAT, Harold Lloyd's HIGH AND DIZZY and D. W. Griffith's A GIRL AND HER TRUST.

Xoom Classic Movies -- Xoom has a collection of whole films of every major genre, though a number of them aren't that good, but topping the comedy section are all 12 of Chaplin's Mutual shorts.  You can their list here!  A few are even available for T1 connections.

At Broadcast.com's Live Concerts section there was recently a concert done at Club Dada's that played three Chaplin films with some rather... ahh..interesting music.  The quality of film isn't that great however.  You can check it out hereInteresting how some people musically translate his films, isn't it?

Sign onto a mailing list?

Fellow Chaplin fan Jon Niklas started a mailing list through One List.  To sign up click here.

There is also another list that I run for people in, or interested in joining, the Charlie Chaplin Web Ring.

Find out if he is on TV?

With the help of TV NOW, you can check out when his movies or other shows about him will appear on tv this month (in the U.S.).   Click here to see the list.

Find the Usenet newsgroup?

You can find alt.movies.chaplin on your local newsserver.   But if your news server doesn't carry it, you can still read and post for free at Dejanews or Reference.com

Join a fan club?

There are a couple different types of clubs out there.  If you are interested in having things mailed to you (by regular snail-mail) you can join the Charlie Chaplin Film Company, which is run by Bonnie McCourt.

For those wanting to join an internet fan club, just visit the Charlie Chaplin Club.

Get movie scripts?

There aren't that many that were made to begin with since the majority of his movies went from his mind to the action, but there is a place where you can order one of them: Hollywood Book City.  They have the script to "Limelight" and they also the script to "Chaplin".  I would also like to add that they are very cooperative too, because when I made my order I made a typo with the address and after some working out the problem, they sent the scripts :).  They also have a number of other movie scripts so be sure to check them out!

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