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The Circus Web Ring

Welcome to the new Circus Ring!

This ring is a collection of circus related sites.  It varies from performers' pages, to circus shows, news, to it's history from all around the world in many different languages.

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Rules of the ring:

Please read these before submitting your site.  If they are not followed, your site will not be added:

  1. You *must* have a webpage or website. That's what a ring is, a collection of pages/sites. If you want to join but don't have a site yet, you can create a free site at a number of locations without knowing any HTML (the common language that creates webpages) such as GeocitiesTripod, and a bunch of others.
  2. Your page/site must be related to the circus in some way. It doesn't have to be totally dedicatd to the circus but at least have some sort of circus related material on it.
  3. NO hate, porn, sex, or anti-circus material allowed. This is a family related ring.
  4. Do not copy someone else's site without permission.
  5. After you submit your site, you MUST put the html ring code on your site. Your site will not be added to the ring until this is done.

If you agree to follow the rules, your welcome to join the ring! :)


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