The Circus Web Ring FAQ

This FAQ is to hopefully answer any questions you might have about joining the webring:

Basically it's a way for web sites with a similar subject to join together and promote their site for free.  You can read more about it at's site by clicking here.

YES!  But it doesn't need to be anything fancy.

No, it can be just a general info page on you, but you need to say something that you are a fan, performer, or whatever, otherwise other people will wonder why your in the ring :).

"Owner's Name" -- your name, either your real name, your nickname, or your group name

"Site Title" -- The name of your site (not to be confused with the Site URL). 

"Site URL" -- This is the web address of your page.   For example: , or (or .htm).

"E-mail" -- Here you put in your email address.  Please be sure to enter it in correctly so that you will get the notification that you have been added to the ring and also so that I can email you with any update/changes that I have made in the webring.

"Password" -- You choose a password.  Don't forget it (or your Site ID number) because you'll need it to make any changes in the future about your info in the webring (URL changes, email change, description of your site, etc.). 

"Keywords" -- Choose keywords for your site.  As of right now, doesn't do anything with these words for individual sites within a webring yet (they only can search different webrings), but there are plans to.

"Description" -- Write in a short description of your site.  What's on your site?  What is it about?

A fragment is the banner-type graphic display that must be put on you site in order for you to become a member of the ring.  This is an example:

This Circus Web Ring site is owned by

Want to join the
Circus Web Ring?
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You have four weeks to add it.  If you haven't added it after four weeks you will be deleted from the queue.

The queue is the waiting area where your site stays until I add you to the ring.  Once I check out the fragment and everything looks correct, you move from the queue to the member list.

Very simple!  Just click here and enter in your site ID number.

Also simple!  Just click here and look for your page, and then look at the "Site" number.  You can also look at the stats of the ring here too.

Just email me and I'll look it up for you.  Please include your URL in your email

Very simple.  Here's the way it can be done by most computers...

  1. Highlight the code by dragging the cursor from the beginning of the code to the end.
  2. Copy it by pressing the CTRL and C keys
  3. Open whatever kind of editor you use to make your page, and open to your page
  4. Paste the code by pressing the CTRL and V keys
  5. Save your page

Once you saved your page and it's uploaded, check it in your browser, and then email me when you're done!

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