Being Teased

For me, the operations were a snap compared to being made fun of.  Physical scars go away, but psychological scars can last for years.  As I said on my "Toddler Years" page, I wasn't made fun of in preschool or elementary school.  In fact, I helped a boy, Charles Houben, in my fourth grade class who was picked on because he was shorter than the rest of us and he cried when kids poked fun at him (Hey Charles, if your reading this, email me! :) ).  So I would stand up for him and had kids apologize to him.  We became good friends but lost touch when his father got a new job and they had to move.  Since then I haven't heard from him :(.

You would think that I would remember the things I told him and be able to deal when it came my time to be made fun of.  Nope.   It's different when there's no one in your corner for you.  I was also better at giving advice and encouragement to others but not to myself.

I don't want to give the impression that I didn't have anyone at home to talk about this.  I could always talk to my mom about things, but no matter how well meaning people can be, it's still difficult for them to FULLY understand what it's like.

The majority of kids who made fun of me were boys. "So-and-so wants to date you" one would say and the rest of their gang would laugh...that was a common phrase I would hear throughout junior high.  I would just kind of bite my lip and tried to ignore them.  I have also been spit at and called names I rather not repeat... all because I looked a little different.

But for some reason I never had a desire to change the way I looked.  I didn't beg for the in cloths or shoes that were "in" at the time (though I did own a couple pairs of jelly shoes...remember those from the mid 80s??).  I never wore make-up...still don't.  But I did kind of hide myself.  I didn't have many friends and didn't go out very much... my social life was nil.  It was quite normal for me to spend time at home.  But I never sulked around bummed that I didn't have anywhere to go.  I would watch TV or play on the computer, or even spend time with my family (imagine that!! ;) ).

I was somewhat quiet and shy naturally.   But during my elementary years I would still play with the other kids on the playground.  Juior high caused me to get even more shy and quiet.