Born to be Cleft :)

My personal story about being born with a cleft lip and palate

The Baby Years


Hello!   And welcome to my improved cleft page!  For those who have visited before, you probably have noticed that I have finally added some color to the page :).  I also plan on adding various pictures of me...unfortunately I don't have any before my lip and palate were repaired (when I was a few months old), but plenty before I had my jaw surgery done (at the age of 16).

To help move around to different parts of my story, I have divided them up in different pages to make it easier to read, unlike to way I used to have it.

With this page I hope to help anyone who is somehow affected by cleft, either you are new parents of a new member to your family, or you are cleft yourself.  Or even if you are a student in speech development class and need to know more :).  Or whatever :).