My Walk with Christ

My Faith

Yes, I am a Christian.  But before some of you roll your eyes and draw conclusions of what my beliefs are, let me just say that I'm a left wing liberal (to just summarize :) ).

I grew up in a local congregation of the United Church of Christ (not to be confused with Church of Christ or the International Church of Christ) which has liberal teachings.  I didn't know it when I was growing up in the church but it helped shaped my large tolerance of the differences of other people.  That and the fact that I was born with a couple facial birth defects called cleft lip and cleft palate.

I also came from a family with different denominations.  My father was Catholic, as were his parents (though my grandmother grew up Protestant).  My aunt (his sister) was raised Catholic but now is a Jehovah's Witness along with my cousins.   My mom, her sister, and her parents were Protestant.  Somehow my parents came to an agreement that my mom would raise their children Protestant.  And the only church that was local was the UCC.  And when my family moved a short distance a couple times my mom still took us to UCC.

My parents aren't very religious, but they did want us to be brought up with Christian beliefs.  And once we were able to drive, we could go to whatever religion we wanted, "as long as we went to some religious meeting" as my mom would tell us.  Being happy with the church I was raised and baptized in, I stayed there.

What I Believe

It goes without saying that I believe in God, his son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost, and that Jesus died on the cross for my, and everyone else's, sins.  That is the basis of being a Christian.

I also believe that the bible should be used to help build one's character, not to put others down.  There's no need to bring others down, comparing people and the like.

I don't have that much of a problem with homosexuality.  No, I'm not gay (I'm female, happily married to a male and have a beautiful little girl :) ), but homosexuals I don't see any more or less a sinner than me.  I know I've done stuff that wasn't kosher (grin) with the Big Guy, and God knows (pun intended) the huge amount of things that I did that I wasn't aware of.

God will take care of all of the judging...He doesn't need any help ;).  If it were up to me, everyone will be heading downstairs for something or other.