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Here is a list of stuuf that I have found while crusing around in this bit electonical world outthere called the 'net:

Search Engines:

These things help you find subjects that you are interested in or need to do a poject on, or just something out of the blue. You can also add your url for free to these too.

The BIG ones:

YAHOO-- This one is the most popular one that people use. At least that's where most of my hits come from, and I'm listed in most of them. I think it's the easiest to read since the sites are listed in directories, which helps pinpoint the links that you're looking for.
Starting Point
Surf Point Surf Point

Web Search[Web Search]

Multi- Search Engines:

METACRAWLER -- I use this one a lot. This searches through the big search engines.
ASK JEEVES -- Jeeves is a character from PG Wodehouse's stories. He is valet to Bertie Wooster, and now is a multi-search engine. Ask him a question, he'll give you several answers, or at least recommend places where you might find your answer.


The usenet is a huge collection of newsgroups that cover just about every topic, and if there isn't exactly what you want, there's probably one that covers the general topic. If you don't have a newserver to get the newsgroups, or your newsgroup isn't picked up by your newserver, you can try these --

DejaNews -- Not only can you read and post here, but you also can subscibe to your favorite groups for free too.

Reference. com -- Another good search engine to go through not only newsgroups but also mailing lists and web forums.

Comunnity sites

The Well -- This is one of the oldest and most popular communities out there. But it does cost to join...only $10 a month though, not all that bad.

Tripod - Thanks to these guys, I have this page! They also have forums and news and it's free :).

Firefly - Another free community with forums and user pages.

Useful Web Tools

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Recomended Fun Sites

USA Trip -- Have you ever dreamed about traveling to all fifty states? Think it can't be done? Well, check out what the Graham family of Kansas did. This family of four traveled through the U.S. in a year.

Anti-Racist Sites

Hate Watch -- One of the best web sites that fights bigotry of all kinds. They (usually) have weekly news updates on Real Player and keep an archive of interviews that they have made from both sides. They also keep up-to-date finds on hate sites, other people who fight hate, symbols of hate, a message board, mailing list, and other things. Definately worth looking at!

Nazism Exposed -- This is another great page. A couple interesting interesting features is the amount of hate mail he gets sent to him in his email and his guestbook.

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