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Hello and welcome to my homepage!

As you can see my name is Calvero... in the computer world that is :). In the "real" world I am commonly called Kim. I am 27 years old and live on the west coast of Florida. My interests are at little out of the ordinary...especially for someone my age. But before I tell you anymore about myself, I'll explain about my nickname :)

What does "Calvero" mean?

This is the most asked question that I receive from people. As far as I know, it doesn't mean anything. I picked it from a Charlie Chaplin movie, "Limelight" (1952). When I first started out on the internet, specifically BBSs, I wanted to choose a Chaplin related name. (You will find later in this page that I like Chaplin a lot :) ). "Charlie" was already being used on the BBS that I first logged on to, and there weren't that many names that Chaplin actually had in his films. Other than "Charlie" there was "Hynkel" from _The Great Dictator_, "Verdoux" from _Monsiur Verdoux_, "Calvero" from _Limelight_, and "Shadov"from _A King in New York_. Hynkel and Verdoux were out because both were mass killers. Shadov I liked but wasn't quite right. I liked both the character of Calvero and the way it sounded, so I decided to use that. And so since March 25, 1995, I have been called that on the computer :).

My Hobbies...

My main interests are watching old comedy movies. My favorites are Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, Harry Langdon, Laurel & Hardy, the Marx Brothers, Abbott & Costello, and Martin & Lewis (their TV stuff more than their movies). The guys who I hold responsible for me getting interested in all of these other fellas are the Smothers Brothers, who I have liked for ten years now. I love those guys :)!

I am working on rebuilding my "Chaplin Fans UNITE!" page. My old page got erased when Angelfire's system got erased. Angelfire is another free homepage thing on the web, in case you didn't know :). Anyway, I've been receiving questions and requests about it and so I am *hoping* that this new one will have a chance to be better :).

I am also working on rebuilding my cleft lip/palate page. This was a page where I told about what it's like to live with a cleft and also to help those of you out there who are dealing with the same thing. It's not all bad, believe me :). I have been receiving questions about that too and I hope to cover all of the questions, and then some.

And the other page that I had before it got erased was my circus page. During the summer of '96 I worked with a little circus called Hendricks Brothers Circus. That was quite an adventure!

Other hobbies of mine has been *trying* to update my pages, but for those of you who have come to see if anything has changed in the last couple months, you can tell that I'm a little behind on things :).


If you have ICQ, I'm #3193654. My handle is Calvero, with a capital C, not to be confused with calvero who is someone that I don't know. If you don't know what ICQ is than check out their site. I require authorization, so please say why you want to be added to my list, that way I can keep it organized :)

My other pages:

Chaplin Fans Unite! - This is my Charlie Chaplin page that I *FINALLY* got online again :). Ever growing and changing, I give list of books, videos, documentaries, the newsgroup, links and anything else that I think of :).

Born to be Cleft :) - This is where I tell my personal story about being born with a cleft lip and cleft palate (both common forms of facial birth "defects").  I turned this once one page into a multi-page site, and added some beautiful borders!  Much better than what it used to look like! :)

Circus Days - This is my story about my interesting job for the Hendricks Brothers Circus,  a small one-ring circus, back in 1996.

My WebRings:

These are the webrings I run:

Charlie Chaplin Web Ring -- This is part of my Chaplin Fans Unite! site.  Although rather small (under 20 sites), it is one of the top movie rings on :).

Circus Web Ring -- A ever growing list of circus sites from all around the world are members of the ring.  If you are interested in the circus or have a circus site, be sure to check this out! :)

Light A Candle -- This is a new ring I started to help promote the positive sites out there that promote anti-violence, anti-racist, and have encouraging stories of survival.  Since this is a new ring, it's very small, so I encourage anyone who has a site siting the category to submit you site! :)


This is a great site!  If you ever played with those virtual pets, that's what this is, but with a can choose from at least a dozen different kinds of neopets and buy them food, do auctioning, play games, raise your pet's level, send and receive neomail, and a whole bunch of other things :).   Each pet gets his/her website, automaically made!  It can also be edited.   A great site for kids and adults alike :).

These are my pets:

calvero got their NeoPet at

This was the first Neopet I got.  Her name is orevlac (my name spelled backwards), a Chia.

calvero got their NeoPet at

This is Mepo, a Wocky.  He is the second Neopet I picked.  Although he's younger than his Chia sister, he's tough!

My Links Page:

I have moved the links that were listed here to another page, and added some to it. Click here to see it :).

Webrings: I just started this page for the webrings that I belong (or will belong) to.

Chat with me live

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