Circus Web Ring HTML Code

To make it easier for members (and myself), I have put the code avaible to everyone who wants to see it.

So far I have two different ways of displaying the ring. Here they are:

To look at the code, view the source by (for Internet Explorer users) clicking on the "View" on the toolbar and then going down and clicking on sourceto "Source", or (for Netscape users) clicking on "View" in the toolbar and going down and clicking on "Page Source".

Start to copy and paste from where it says < ! --START STANDARD CUT HERE --!> or <! -- START TABLE CUT HERE --!>, and continue down to where it says < ! --STOP STANDARD CUT HERE -- ! > or < ! -- STOP TABLE CUT HERE --! > and paste it to your page.

Then replace the following:

If you don't know how to copy and paste:

  1. Find where you want to start to paste and hold down the left mouse button.
  2. Drag the cursor down to where you want and let go of the left mouse button.
  3. Hit the CTRL and the INSERT buttons or the CRTL and C buttons together. This tells the computer that you want to copy the highlighted text.
  4. Go to where you want to paste the code and hit the SHIFT and INSERT buttons or CRTL and V buttons. This *should* paste the exact text that you wanted to copy.

If you have any problems, questions, or comments, you're more than welcome to email me at

REMEMBER! -- You are NOT an actual part of the ring until you have submitted your site AND put the proper HTML code onto your page!

Thank You! :)

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