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Born to be Cleft :)

vspacer[1].gif (369 bytes) Hi!  And welcome to my cleft site!   In case you haven't visited my main homepage, my name is Kim and I'm 29 years old.  I was born with a unilateral cleft lip (which means just being cleft under one nostril), and bilateral cleft palate (no palate at all). When I originally started this page there wasn't that many personal stories about being born with a cleft, and so I decided to tell my own story.

I'm still putting the finishing touches on the site, but you're more than welcome to look around! :)

UPDATE! July 6, 2002 - I'm working on updating, redesigning, and moving the site to where there'll be no banner ads or pop-ups :). BTW, this site has it's own domain name now, For now, the address points here, but once the new site is ready, it will go there. So be sure to check in later!

Who is this site aimed at?

I hope that this site helps others who are cleft, or who are parents of cleft kids, or students who are doing research on speech therapy or clefts or whatever :).  Whatever force brought you here, Welcome! :)

A New Look...

For those who have visited here before, You may have noticed a great improvement (I think it's an improvement anyway! :) ).  I found some good backgrounds and so colored it up and divided the site into pages to make it easier to read.  I got tired of the plain white background, and after much (and I'm talking months of it!) procrastination, and being delayed somewhat from being pregnant :), I got it updated.

I'm also planning on putting in a photo gallery, but I unfortunately don't have any pictures of me before my lip and palate was sewn up :(.

The Cleft Club -- This club is for anyone who is dealing with cleft lip & cleft palate, whether you were born with it, are a parent of a cleft kid, or interested. There are several groups, from general (open to everyone) to more specific needs (one for adult clefties, another for teens, another for parents, etc.). Once you join you can read and post mssages, view members pictures and add your own, vote in polls and answer questionaires, join in on a chat, and more.

To join the main group, just put your email address in the box below:

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The Pages:

The Baby Years -- Here I talk about being born into an unexpecting hospital and family.

My First Operations -- The time came to sew up my face...

The Toddler Years -- How I spent my first few years...

Being Labeled -- Being labeled as a child still has an effect on me...

My Philosophy -- My feelings and thoughts about growing up different and my basic outlook on life

Cleft Info -- Where to find mailing lists and websites (small now but growing!)

Web Rings -- Here are the web rings that this site belongs to.


Cleft Meetup
Interested in meeting with other people in your local area also dealing with cleft issues? Then click the image below:

Click here from my Cleft Club site for a little more info about the Cleft Meetup.

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