The Cleft Club

Hello and welcome to the new Cleft Club!  This is a place for people who were born with cleft lip and/or palate, are parents/grandparents of cleft kids, or are interested.


Message Board - This is where you can read, make posts, and reply to other people's posts.  You don't need to register to post but it's recommended since you can be notified by email of new posts/replies.  No Spamming or flaming! Please respect each other's views when posting/replying! 

Photos - Here you can view pictures that the members have sent in.  The list is done alphabetically, with the date of the last update

Member List - Want to see what members are online?   Here is where people can send their info (email, ICQ number, Yahoo Messanger ID name) so you can contact them.

Free Email - Supported by ZZN, you can have your own web-based email, . 

I originally started this club at Yahoo, but due to Yahoo being to restrictive and having problems, I decided to move it somewhere else.