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This page will help point to web sites, mailing lists, and any other type of internet source out there that contains information on dealing with clefts.

And since I just started this page of the "Born to be Cleft" site, it's still a work in progress! :)


  • Widesmiles -- This is the biggest cleft resource on the net.  Has a mailing list, picture gallery, kids area, webring, and a number of other helpful info.  Geared more towards parents of cleft children.
  • Smiles -- Another good resource.  Although it's not as big as Widesmiles, it contains some helpful information and a discussion board where people can post on the site.
  • Cleftnotes -- Another great site.  Includes a list of support groups from around the country (United States).
  • Cleft PALS -- This is a support site from Australia.
  • Cleft.net -- Information, research, messageboards and mailings lists can be found here.
  • The Cleft Club -- As I mentioned at this site's main page, this is at Yahoo's Clubs.  Anyone who wants to join to post messages, upload pictures, and check out the links (you can add some as well).  We also have weekly Sunday night chats at 9pm Eastern.  Joining the club is free!

Mailing Lists:

For parents of clefts:

  • Cleft Talk -- This list is run by Widesmiles.  Warning though, it's VERY busy!  At least 100 messages a day.   It definitely won't make you feel lonely!  Most of the subscribers are parents of clefts.  I'm on this list on and off because of the heavy traffic.  I recommend that if you want to subscribe, set up a free email address (Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) so that the list won't interfere with your personal mail since there's no way of filtering it.
  • Cleft.net's Mailing Lists -- They have three differnet lists covering different areas.  One is general, another for infants & newborns, and another dealing with breastfeeing & pumping.
  • Cleftnotes' mailing list -- Part of the Cleftnotes website, this is another list for parents to share.
  • Cleft-Chat and Smile -- Another list for parents looking for support.

For people who were born cleft:

  • Adult_CA -- This list is run by Lisa Ann and is just for cleft affected (CA) adults only, 16 years and up.  Since I fit into this catagory, I subscribed to the list and occasionally get time to post.
  • Cleft Teen -- This list is also run by Lisa Ann and is for teens and young adults (13-23) who were born cleft.  Since I'm no longer in this age bracket, I'm not on the list, but I'm sure all cleft teens are encouraged to join in!

For both parents and clefts:

  • Stitches -- This list is not only for people affected by clefts but anyone with a facial condition.
  • The Cleft Club -- Soon this will become a mailing list (I will also have a messagebaord as well) but for now it's inbetween of a messageboard and mailiing list.   You'll know what I mean when you join.


  • Speech/Language Disorders - From Suite101.com (similar to About.com), this site deals with speech and language disorders.  Contains articles, links, discussions, & more.  And the guide rated my site 5 stars :)

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