Born to be Cleft -- The Toddler Years...
My first memories are happy ones.  In fact, I don't remember having problems being teased during my preschool or elementary years.  My whole family was and still is very supportive of me and has always been there for me.  But my mom told me later that when she would take me places, people would come up to her and ask what happened to my face.  Some would ask if I had an accident, others would think that mom took drugs when she was pregnant with me.  And there were even those who thought that God was punishing my parents. 

The first reason I can understand since I've heard about children who were bit by dogs on the lip and it leaves a cleft-like scar on the face.  As far as Mom taking drugs...Mom didn't even like smoking cigarettes.  She knew about the dangers of drugs and cigarettes since she was studying to be a physical education teacher during the late 1960s.  She was constantly after my grandmother for her smoking (and got her to quit too! :) ).

But the one reason that irks me the most is the "God is punishing you" reason.  To me, God did and is doing the very opposite.  But you can read those thoughts on "My Philosophy" page.

Going to preschool was fun.  I played on the playground with the other kids, had friends to play with in class and was over all a well adjusted child :).  Mom told me about the first day of preschool and she was sure that I would have trouble leaving her and going into a strange new room with new people.   But when we got there and I met the teacher, I took the teacher's hand and went right into the room and started playing with the other kids.  My mom was in shock, but she went to a special room where the parents could watch their children behind one of those mirrored windows.  She thought for sure that when I realized that she wasn't in the same room with me that I would start looking for her and getting upset.  But nope!  I was very content where I was :).

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