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If you are interested in joining the ring, let me know. It is for anyone who is running a web site dedicated to Chaplin, either his films, life or whatever :). I just started it mid-January, so it's small right now. Anyone who runs a Chaplin page, big or little, is welcome to join.


Brad Lang who writes for the classic movie section of the Mining Co. search engine lists the Charlie Chaplin Web Ring in his list of classic movie web rings for the week of May 24, 1998! Check out his article here!

Benefits of joining the ring:

If you are unformiliar with what a web ring is or how it works, it's quite simple. All web rings are centered around a main theme. For webmasters, it helps their page be advertised for free to the right kind of audience, and for the web surfer it it a twist to doing searches in engines.

For more info on what a web ring is click here to check out Web Ring's own description.


If you don't know whether or not your page would fit, enter it anyway and let me know about it. I'm pretty easy going :).

And if you have a gift for creating graphics and are willing to volunteer your services, I'll be happy to have any help with that :). And I'll be sure to give you credit for it (link to your website or email or whatever). Special thanks go to Garen Ewing of the Charlie Chaplin UK Site for his silhouette design of Charlie!

If you have any questions, problems, comments, etc., you can email me at

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