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a little bio
of me &
the story behind my name

Chaplin Fans Unite!

Like Charlie Chaplin?  I do!   And this
is my site about him

Charlie Chaplin
Web Ring

my webring dedicated to the
great comedian

Born to be Cleft :)

my personal story of having been born with cleft lip and cleft palate


Welcome to Calvero's Happy Homepage!

Just click to any of my other sites :)

Circus Web Ring

another webring of mine that has a wide range of circus sites


This is my husband's site that I'm a co-webmaster for.  If stock investing is your thing, then check it out

Other Webrings

Here are webrings that this page belongs to

Light A Candle Web Ring

webring for sites that
promotes the positive
of the web

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Above is a banner that I helped design for my husband's and my business.  I also helped with the design of the website.  Along with taking care of our infant daughter, I haven't had much time to work on much else (which is why my own websites and email are WAY behind!)

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