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What does Calvero mean?

This is the most asked question that I receive from people. As far as I know, it doesn't mean anything. I picked it from a Charlie Chaplin movie, "Limelight" (1952). When I first started out on the internet (outside of my college internet account), specifically BBSs, I wanted to choose a Chaplin related name. (You will find later in this page that I like Chaplin a lot :) ). "Charlie" was already being used on the BBS that I first logged on to, and there weren't that many names that Chaplin actually had in his films. Other than "Charlie" there was Hynkel from "The Great Dictator", Verdoux from "Monsiur Verdoux", Calvero from "Limelight", and Shadov from "A King in New York". Hynkel and Verdoux were out because both were mass killers. Shadov I liked but wasn't quite right. I liked both the character of Calvero and the way it sounded, so I decided to use that. And so since March 25, 1995, I have been called that on the computer :).

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