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What's New
Find out the latest changes in CFU.

Here is a complete list of his films divided up by studio.

Quite a few documentaries have been made about Charlie's life and films.

Here is a list of books that I have collected so far and my thoughts on them.

While there was Charlie the comedian, there was also Chaplin the musician.

Charlie Chaplin Web Ring!
Have a Chaplin site? Or are you a fan who has a personal page? Find out how to join!

Chaplin Forum
Aug 2002 New forum! No banners or pop-ups! :)  Ask questions, post news, or just drop in to say hi! 

Where Can I...?
Find out where to watch Chaplin films, sign up for mailing lists, find the newsgroup, and more!

Here is a list of webrings that CFU is a members of

How I became a Fan:
Also Improved!
Since I couldn't keep up with stories emailed to me, I made a messageboard for it :).

Contact Me!
If you wish to get in touch with me, here's how.

Hello and welcome to my ever improving page! For those who have been here before, you probably noticed a slight change :). I decided to rework the way this page is shown and make it easier to move around to the different pages (as shown on the left). The old way was to long so I shortened it and reorganized!

I am also hope on having this site translated into different languages since Chaplin was, and still is, an international figure, and I want it to be useful to as many people around the world as possible :). If you are fluent in a foreign language (meaning anything other than English) and are willing to translate this Chaplin site for free, I'll be willing to give you credit (email and/or web page) on this page!

I also added a new section, How I became a Fan. Not only do I tell my story, but you are also welcome to tell yours to and I will post it to share with other fans.

I have also added a site map at the bottom of all pages to make moving around the site easier.

If you are the sort of person who likes finding out what's new on the site, than check out the new What's New section which I will try to keep updated.

I have been *very* busy with raising my daughter and so I have been behind on answering mail and updating my pages.   So if I don't answer you, please don't take it personally :).

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