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Here's the latest major updates to the site:

November 30, 2000 -- So your probably wondering why I haven't done much on here recently?   Well, I finally got my own space now where there will be less (but not no) distractions.  I have been working "Behind the screen" (pun intended) on the new design and a new home... Tripod's banners are just too much!!  The new webring is also being worked on, but not done yet.  

September 13, 2000 -- I have postponed accepting new entries into the Chaplin Webring.  Yahoo has really messed it up :(.  I am working on moving it to another ring system.   I am also going to be moving all of my pages to another free web space provider...one that has no ads! :)

May 23, 2000 -- I found a really good bulletin board...much better than the old one.  You can see the new forum here

March 18, 2000 -- My husband's business (mentioned earlier) has expanded to include a banner exchange, so yesterday/today I added the banners to all my pages.  

February 1, 2000 -- I added a neat little gadget to the site called Human Click which allows you to chat with me live if I'm online.  You don't even need to download anything to use it :).  I'm still in the process of adding to every page on the site (along with adding it to my other sites).

January 27, 2000 -- No, I haven't abandoned the site, just haven't had any time to do anything to it.  I have been busy with raising my daughter and working on my husband's site (if the stock market is your thing, you can visit it at www.bulltrack.com).   But I just had enough time to add another webring on the classic movie section in the Webrings section

August 13, 1999 -- Corrected the below link to the below webrings page.  Was added to the Silent Film Webring.  Submitted to the Classicstars.com Webring.

August 12, 1999 -- Rearranged the webrings page by dividing it up into categories.  Also submitted the site to the new Silent Film Webring.

July 11, 1999 -- Some possible news:  I might be on BBC Radio 5 tonight/tomorrow (depending where you are).   See main page for details.  Update July 13 -- Well, it didn't happen, so any of you who didn't get to listen to the show didn't miss much...

April 28, 1999 -- Added some stuff to Where Can I...? about places to listen to music and watch films.

April 25, 1999 -- Time flies when your taking care of a baby!  I added some script info on Where can I...? where you can order a couple of scripts.  I also forgot to say that I added to the main page Mining Co.'s graphic on March 22 when I was picked one of their Best New Links by the Classic Movies guide :).  I'm starting to get some big recognition! :) ...big to me anyway :).

February 12,1999 -- I added some info on clubs on the Where can I...? page.  I still have a few "How I became a fan" entries to add, so to those of you who sent them sent the last addition, I haven't forgotten you! :)

January 26 -- I've submitted to a couple more webrings and later put up a new page, "Where Can I...?"

January 21, 1999 -- I added a Forum, and removed the Java chat (nothing was going on there anyway).  I am thinking about using a HTML type chat through Tripod so that more people can use it...

January 5, 1999 -- Happy (late) New Year!  Yesterday I opened the mailing list for the Chaplin webring to everyone whether your a member of the ring or who are interested in joining.  You can sign up here

December 27, 1998 -- It's been a while since I last updated, but that's due to me being pregnant :) (For those who are wondering, it's due in February :) ).  I have finally gotten around to adding new people to the How I Became A Fan .. sorry to those guys who had to wait so long.

I also improved the way the Charlie Chaplin Web Ring ... fixed a couple bugs, made it easier to get the HTML code fragment, and added a FAQ for the ring.

And I updated my Contact Me page.

August 24, 1998 --  I added some people to the How I Became A Fan page.

July 25, 1998 -- Created a page for webrings that CFU belongs to. Not to be confused with webrings that the Charlie Chaplin Web Ring belongs to :)

July 21, 1998 -- Fixed the code for the webring html code.

July 1, 1998 -- Fixed some links on the Films page.  I had forgotten to upload the pages in the chaplin subdirectory! Duh!  But all is well now :)

June 30, 1998 -- Officially opened the much needed change in CFU.  Although the newer version has   been online for about a month, I was not done with all the changes that needed to be made (links, writing and adding newer sections).  Although not completely done, enough of it is finished for people to use :).

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