When I was a little child, I grew up watching the three Stooges.  I had always loved them to death.   And all through school I had a big thing for comedy.  Well One day when I was about 11, I was flicking through the channels on the television and noticed a funny little man witha moustache and cane trying to get out of the snow.  I could not stop laughing.  It was my first exposure to Charles Chaplin. I knew that I had I had enjoyed that but I never got around to get interrested in it.  As I went through middle school and high school, I got into a lot of trouble and I didn't have any friends.  I was a total geek, but a mean one.  One day when I got into so much trouble I had to go to this Social worker.  He changed me and told me to find that good feeling inside and use it to get friends and to get far in life.    Well I remembered how I had  a thing for Chaplin but never really got into it.   So I decided to.  By the time  I was a senior in school.   I had 76 chaplin films, uncountable posters, and tons of little gadgets and things with his signature on it.  I also became the most popular person at my school. Winning awards for Funniest and Silliest person.  It was amazing.  So when I graduated I stayed  in town and worked to save up money for college.  When I had enough I moved out west to start acting.  I did have some previous acting jobs though in commercials and short films ,  but I wanted to hit it big.  So anyways I have been out west for a little while, and I have started my own Improv Comedy group, which is the greatest thing to do... especially since i am still in college. And a lot of my Ideas come from The most prominent figure in film... Charles Chaplin   A poet, a gentleman, a dreamer.

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