I became a dedicated Charlie Chaplin fan after the PBS station in Syracuse, NY ran a weekly series of his shorts.  I was 12 or 13 years old at the time (around 1972 or 3) and found his movies to be so magical.  So funny & so sad at the same time.   I actually wrote him fan letters but never received a reply.  My first very favorites were Dough & Dynamite and The Bank.  I, too, find the machine feeding scene in Modern Times very funny.  City Lights is probably my favorite feature length film.  I had an opportunity to see Carl Davis conducting a live orchestra of the soundtrack that Charlie wrote for City Lights-very special.  I would love to see his short films again-some of the video tapes
out there are horrendous-avoid Madacy tapes at all costs. 

Thanks so much for the webpage.

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